Timetable Operating Session Scheduled for April 29th

Night has fallen on the Highland Pacific Railroad

Night has fallen on the Highland Pacific Railroad

James Keena, Paymaster and Head of Operations, has announced a full-scale timetable operations night on Wednesday, April 29th.

“Arrival and departure times on the timetable are closer than they appear.” So said Pat Fluhrer after one of the club's timetable operating sessions. Club members will have the opportunity to run the Highland Pacific Railroad like the model first-class railroad that it is. There are plenty of operating stations for every member in attendance. The railroad will need a dispatcher, locomotive engineers, yard operators, Blue Island local operator, and brakemen.

The group is getting better at using the car card system around which our timetable operations are organized. All in all, running trains based on principles of real railroads will make the session more than “Christmas tree” running.

Our next Timetable Operations session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Come on down and join in the fun.