3D Printing Plus LED Lights Equal Low-Cost Light Fixtures

3D printing has amazing uses from creating artificial organs, prosthetics, architectural models, toys, guitars, parts for motor vehicles and rocket engines, and even chocolate bars. On the HPRR 3D printing has been used to "print" housings for layout control panels and now, floor lighting fixtures

At the Highland Pacific Railroad 3D printing was used to make LED holders to be installed for floor lighting. These little gems originated with a broken LED tube. Rather than throw them out Dave Flynn decided to recycle the LEDs in the club's floor lighting project. 

The LEDs were removed from the broken fixture and a single LED was used to design a fixture to house the LEDs. The fixture was then "printed" on Dave's 3D-printer.The addition of a couple of wires, 2 screws for mounting, a resistor, and voilà, floor lighting fixtures for the layout room for about $0.40 in parts. This will be especially useful for those times we operate the Highland Pacific Railroad in "night running" mode.