Full Timetable Operations Scheduled for January 31st

Calling all Highland Pacific Crew and Guests ...

Van Facko, Founding Member

Van Facko, Founding Member

Reminder that Wednesday, January 31, 2018 is again a 5th Wednesday of the month and is the Quarterly Railroad Operation Session. We will begin scheduled operations at 8:00 P.M.

Come by early for orientation on the Rights of Trains and to begin assembling trains in the yards. We will utilize Time Table No. 10 for mainline operations.  There will be plenty of trains to run over the railroad with extras added to the dispatchers train line up and local operations via the Blue Island, Doring, and Pinehurst locals. Also available will be Commuter lines, both Metrolink and Bayshore Valley Traction running from Bayshore to Del Mar.

There are yard positions available at Bayshore, Vista Yard, West End Yard, Roundhouse and Delmar Passenger Terminal.  Yard operators will be assembling trains for departures and receiving incoming trains with cars that will need to switched out for the local deliver. 

Both DC and DCC locomotives will be used in the operating session utilizing the block control assignments.

Timetable No. 10 can be downloaded here (click anywhere on the green text).  Timetable 10 is based upon a train line up prepared by Van Facko, one of the Club's founding members. Copies will be available at the operating session.

Future Operating Session for this year will be on May 30, August 29, and October 31, 2018. Mark your calendar.

James Keena