Highland Pacific Railroad Operating Session—March 30, 2016

Timetable 7

Timetable 7

The next Highland Pacific Railroad operation session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, 2016 beginning at 7:00 P.M.  Timetable #7. above, will be used for this operating session.

We will again use our "old school" track assignment method of operations where you will control the turning on and off of your own blocks along the railroad from your own cab. Clearance from the Dispatcher is still required so that he knows where your train is and where it is going. The turning on of your blocks will assign track power and will align switches for you along the railroad.

Movements to and from yards still requires clearance from either the Dispatcher or Yard Masters. Train movements will be by the timetable schedule so do not leave before assigned times or until the train you are to meet has passed. So bring a watch or another form of time keeping device (cellphone or smartphone). Always remember to turn off unused blocks behind you.

Remember that Class of Trains and Westward trains have right-of-way over Eastward trains. Therefore, this will give you guidance as to where you will need to take sidings for meets. Extras and locals are low men on the totem-pole and will have to stay out of the way of higher class trains, unless they receive specific helping orders from the dispatcher.

Likewise locals and peddler freights will need to be mindful of scheduled trains when working industries at Bayshore, Blue Island,  Deka, Doring and Pinehurst.

The Dispatcher will be available to assist should trains run late or if there are additional extras that are to be run. Use the closed-circuit phones to contact the Dispatcher or Yard Masters if you have questions or need assistance.

17 Highland Pacific Railroad members are needed for a full operating session. You are needed to serve as crew for one of the following positions:

  • Trainmaster
  • Dispatcher
  • 5 Main line Cabs
  • 2 Conductor/Switch-man for assisting mainline trains
  • Vista Yard Operator
  • West End Yard Operator
  • Bayshore Harbor Operator
  • Delmar Passenger Terminal Operator
  • Roundhouse/Diesel Shop Hosteler
  • Doreing Local
  • Blue Island Local
  • Pinehurst Local

Be there or be square.