Operating Session Focuses on Maintenance and Staging

Jerry Duncan's Super Chief approaches the entrance to Del Mar Passenger terminal while the UP City of San Francisco waits for clearance to depart.

An operating session on Wednesday night, August 26th, was used to restage complete trains, motive power, and rolling stock for the next timetable operating session.

Bill Chappell, Arie Korporaal, and Brian Hunnell worked the floor and mainline cabs. Dave Flynn, Pat Keegan, and Ron Merkel worked on various electrical projects.

Bill moved trains out of Underhill and Highland to Vista Yard and Arie moved trains into Del Mar Passenger Terminal and restaged passenger equipment as well. The operating session exposed a couple of items that need to be added to the maintenance list. A switchoint is broen in Doering Yard and the floor panel for Highland/Greely is inoperable.

While operation is fun, and the major purpose for the club, ongoing maintenance is a necessity. Come on down and help out.